History of the Program

The Small Scale Renewable Energy Incentive Program is an technical review process for businesses that install commercial and residential renewable energy systems, specifically solar photovoltaic, solar hot water, wind, and micro-hydro.

The Partnership Program was established in 2003 by Renewable Energy Vermont (REV) to help educate the public on the benefits of hiring experienced, professional installers when purchasing renewable energy systems for homes and businesses. The Partnership Program was originally designed to promote the creation and growth of renewable energy businesses in Vermont. Initially, participation in the Partnership Program was voluntary, and limited to REV members who had proven installation experience and a track record of professional conduct. In 2005, the Small Scale Renewable Energy Incentive Program linked renewable energy incentives to the Partnership Program by ruling that incentive payments could only be granted to customers of installers that were registered as solar or wind partners. Membership in the Partnership Program was expanded and is now available to all Vermont installers who meet the program criteria.

Program Contract
Today, the Partnership Program has become an integral part of Vermont’s growing renewable energy industry, particularly due to the connection of incentive funding to approved Partners. The Small Scale Renewable Energy Incentive Program currently offers incentive rebates to residential and commercial consumers, which, depending on system size, can constitute up to 20% of the cost of a particular installation.

Funds for the Incentive Program are allocated by the Clean Energy Development Fund (CEDF). The CEDF, a branch of the Vermont Public Service Department (PSD), was established by the legislature in 2005. Charged with allocating of state and federal funds to stimulate the development of distributed, renewable energy generation projects, the CEDF offers grants and loans to businesses throughout the state looking to implement renewable energy projects. The CEDF currently contracts the administration and distribution of the incentive rebate funds to the Renewable Energy Resource Center (RERC), a sector of the Burlington-based Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (VEIC).

VEIC subcontracts Renewable Energy Vermont (REV) to administer the Partnership Program, which is responsible for reviewing & approving businesses to be eligible for the incentive program.



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