Applying for Partnership

To become a partner, companies must demonstrate basic skills in designing, siting, and installing solar photovoltaic, solar hot water, micro-hydro, or small-wind projects for paying customers. 

Applicants for all Partnership Types must submit the following items

I. A completed application form with the following information:

a. Business Name
b. Main Contact/Installer
c. Contact Information: mailing address, phone number, email, website
d. Type of Business (LLC, corporation, sole proprietor, co-op, partnership, etc.)
e. Primary Installer
f. Vermont electrical or plumbing license (plumbing license required for all solar hot water applicants)
g. Documentation of General Liability Insurance: provide proof of at least $1 million per incident and $2 million agreggate.
h. Signed and dated Installation Agreements Standard
i. Completed Project Technical Documentation Worksheet

II. Proof of Professional Experience

a. FULL PARTNER APPLICANTS: Choose the one option that best reflects your company’s professional experience. Details of requirements can be found on technology-specific application forms. 

i.   Provide all required details of three installations completed for paying customers within the past two years.
ii.  Provide proof that the main installer employed by your business is certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) AND all required details of one installation completed for a paying customer in the past year.

b. PROVISIONAL PARTNER APPLICATIONS: Choose the one option that best reflects your company’s professional experience. Details of requirements can be found on technology-specific application forms. 

i.   Provide details of one installation that has been completed for paying customers within the past year.
ii.  Provide proof that a company employee has successfully completed an Institute for Sustainable Power (ISPQ) accredited training program within the last year.
iii. Provide a copy of the VT Plumbing (for Solar Hot Water Applicants) or Electrical license (for Solar Photovoltaic Applicants) and proof that this employee has completed an approved training course within the last year.

III. Completed Project Technical Documentation Worksheet

a. One Line Drawing
b. Photos

IV. Certificate of Public Good (CPG), if applicable

V. Application fee: $150.00 

Using Coursework as Professional Experience- Provisional partner applicants may submit proof of training coursework as a means of entering the program. In order to qualify the applicant for provisional status, the coursework must be accredited by the Institute for Sustainable Power Quality (ISPQ) or approved by the Partnership Program. The ISPQ is the accrediting body of the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC). The Partnership Program approves additional training courses based on their content. Courses must be submitted for approval at least four weeks prior to the applicant begins coursework. Courses are approved depending on whether the applicant is a licensed electrician. The general credit requirements are as follows:

  • Licensed (electricians) – 8 credit hours. Must cover industry fundamentals and best practices
  • Non-licensed professionals- 32 credit hours. Course work must cover industry fundamentals, best practices and related codes/laws, and must have a hands-on component.

Installation Reference Criteria & Requirements:

I. When submitting proof of professional experience through installation references, applicants must provide the following information for each installation reference:

a.  A completed Project Technical Documentation Worksheet, including a one-line diagram with details as specified by the worksheet and detailed photos of the system components. Project technical documentation worksheets can be downloaded here: Note: Technical information is reviewed electronically, therefore we require that each worksheet be submitted either via email to or copied onto a CD-ROM and mailed via US post to the address listed below. These forms can be completed electronically, saved, and mailed.
b. A copy of the Certificate of Public Good (CPG) number for any grid-tied system (if applicable)
c. Solar Hot Water applicants only: List the name and license number of the plumber used during the installation.
d.  If your business employs a NABCEP Certified Solar Hot Water Installer, please submit proof of certification

II. Installation References for full or provisional partnership must meet the following criteria:

a. Match the technology type of partnership applied for. Please note: applicants that approve Sunward installation references will be approved for Sunward installations only.
b. Project must have been completed under direct contract with the applicant.
c. Project must have been completed by a subcontractor or under direct contract with the applicant. The applicant must have been substantially involved in the project and at minimum have had a supervisory role in the project, including conducting the site visit and analysis, producing the system design, and being present for final system inspection and commissioning.
d. Project must have the net metering application (if any) filed under the partnership applicant’s name.
e. Project must have had any incentive grants applied for by the applicant (not by another business or separate franchise of the business).

Signed application forms and application fees can be sent to:
Vermont Partnership Program
c/o Renewable Energy Vermont
PO Box 1036
Montpelier, VT 05601-1036

VT Small Scale Renewable Energy Partnership Program’s Committee, in good faith, qualifies applicants for Vermont renewable energy incentives on the basis of information provided by said applicants and is therefore not liable for any possible negative externalities and/or dissatisfaction associated with the provisional or full partner’s work completed before or after the time that partnership is granted.


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