Rules & Guidelines

1. Partnership status pertains to a qualified individual under the business name, unless otherwise determined by the Partnership Technical Sub-Committee. This individual should be listed as the main contact on the Application Form.

a. The individual listed as the main contact on the Application Form is required to sign off on all project contracts and incentive form applications.
b. This individual must have been substantially involved in, and at minimum, have had a supervisory role in the project, including conducting the site visit and analysis, producing the system design, and being present for final system inspection and commissioning.
c. This individual must be substantially involved in each project completed by the business upon acceptance into the program.

2. Full Partnerships must be renewed every two years.

3. Partners with no installations in their partnership type in the past two years will be moved to provisional status for a period of one year. If no additional projects have been installed during this one year provisional period, the partner will be removed from the program.

4. Provisional Partnerships must be upgraded to full partnership after two years.  Businesses may not renew Provisional status.

5. Provisional Partners that attempt to upgrade to full partnership status but are denied will be allowed to sustain their provisional partnership until the end of their two-year provisional term. After the two year provisional term is over, provisional partners that do not upgrade to full partnership status will be removed from the program. In order to be accepted back to the partnership program, an applicant must reapply with proof of professional experience that has not yet been submitted to, or reviewed by, the committee for provisional or full partnership.

6. Full Partners who have not installed a project in their partnership type in two years will be moved to provisional status for a period of one year. In order to move back to full partnership status, this partner may submit proof of one installation that has been completed in the past year for a paying customer. If this partner does not install any projects during the 1-year provisional term, this partner will be removed from the program.

7. Companies may only hold one partnership level per technology. Once a partnership level is upgraded or changed, any previous partnership level in that technology will be nullified.

8. As of October 2012, non-licensed plumbers can take the 8-hour Sunward Systems Pre-Engineered Installation course and qualify for provisional partnership.

9. For Solar Photovoltaic installations, at least two out of the three submitted must be grid-tied. For full partnership applicants, one of three installations submitted can be a project built on the applicant’s own property. This installation cannot be the only installation reference submitted.

10. In order to get a course approved, it must meet the Partnership Program’s requirements for using Coursework as proof of professional experience.  Course syllabus must be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to the course start date. The technology-specific review committee will then review the course to determine if it is sufficient enough to qualify an individual for partnership.

Click here for a comprehensive overview document: SSREPP Guidelines & Rules| July 2013



VT Small Scale Renewable Energy Partnership Program’s Committee, in good faith, qualifies applicants for Vermont renewable energy incentives on the basis of information provided by said applicants and is therefore not liable for any possible negative externalities and/or dissatisfaction associated with the provisional or full partner’s work completed before or after the time that partnership is granted.

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